Our Services

We set and install tanks for all of propane’s various uses: cooking, heating, hot water, dryers, fireplaces, space heaters, grills, generators, pool heaters, commercial kitchens.  We are trained and certified in running gas lines to all of the above.

We employ a full local server staff that installs and service furnaces, boilers, space heaters, fireplaces, grills.  We repair any gas appliance, whether you bought it from us or not.  We sell underground tanks for new construction and existing homes as well.

Our Prices

Our propane prices are for the first delivery and are set by anticipated annual usage and then adjusted up or down based on gallons consumed and market fluctuations afterward.  In general, the more you use the cheaper the rate.  To find out more information on our pricing and policies please call for details, 845-255-7324.

Automatic Delivery

It’s quite simple. Just one call to us and you’re set year-round. No more checking the fuel levels. No more remembering to call for delivery before you go on vacation. We take care of it for you. We set up a schedule based on your tank size and past consumption. Count on us to automatically deliver your fuel, no more worries about when to order heating fuel. Click here for more information.


Heating customers may want to consider a budget plan to even out costs over the year. We prefer to start budgets in May for a ten-month period.  Please call for details.


We offer locked-in rates for customers with the ability to purchase their winter’s supply of fuel.  These offers are mailed out in June and we ask for confirmation on or before September 1st.  Please call for details.

Service Agreements:

We offer service agreements for customers that would like the option to apply for service agreements for maintenance for their appliances. Please contact our office for more information

Our Services


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