Kimlin Fuel Oil

Payment Programs that Fit Your Needs
Our flexible payment programs are tailored to our customers’ needs, with an emphasis on convenience! These choices allow you to buy fuel oil from Kimlin at economical prices any time of the year. Select the payment plan that works best for you:

  • The Kimlin Market Price Program
  • The Kimlin Budget Program

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Fuel Oil Delivery When You Need It
Let’s face it: Fuel runs out when you least expect it – and when you need it the most! Kimlin’s software technology allows our delivery trucks to respond immediately to your emergency call. You can sign up for our auto-fill service. Or take advantage of our 24-hour delivery service. Either way, Kimlin guarantees family comfort and peace of mind, no matter what the season!

Switching to propane?
We make it easy for you! Whether you are a current customer or a new one, we are happy to switch you from fuel oil to clean and economical propane.
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Energy Funding Assistance