Going Green and Health in Schools

BakerSchoolParents worry about many things when they send their children off to school each morning, but the quality of the air their children breathe throughout the day is likely the last thing on their minds. Most parents assume that schools provide a clean, healthy and safe environment, and that their children will have an opportunity to learn in a setting that fosters growth and creativity, without undue distraction.


According to a recent study conducted by the US Department of Education, nearly a third of public schools were rated to have poor or below to average building systems. These systems include heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and ventilation systems which leads to levels of indoor pollutants to be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. These findings has demonstrated a need to modernize and upgrade systems in public schools to create sustainable indoor environments.


In recent years, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working with not only architects and building contractors; but also administration in public schools to create new standard to ‘Indoor Air Quality Guidelines for School Building upgrades.‘ These guidelines not only provide a new standard for air quality control, but also corresponding articles provides best practice for providing a safe and healthy environment for the school and its occupants.


Kimlin Propane has collaborated with the US Green Building council and its affiliates to work together in utilizing ‘Green Energy’ practices to begin to tackle issues like this in the Hudson Valley especially in its schools and educational institutions. With every installation, Kimlin propane along with the USGBC council has been working day after today to develop strategies to help Hudson Valleys schools with these issues in future upgrades

Come Join us at the USGBC Green Energy Expo and share your ideas with us and other vendors on how we can implement going green in the Hudson Valley. Want to learn more, visit the expo October 14-17 2015 at SUNY New Paltz

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