EZPay Advantage

Kimlin Energy offers EZ Pay Advantage to budget fuel costs in 12 equal monthly payments for customers.

The EZ Pay Advantage program can give you peace of mind by letting you plan and budget ahead. The program makes expenses easier to plan by dividing the annual cost over 12 easy, monthly payments.

EZ Pay Advantage is provided at no additional charge to customers. All customers are eligible to enroll in EZ Pay Advantage, whether you are on automatic delivery or not. However, we encourage customers to switch to automatic delivery for the peace of mind of scheduled deliveries.

EZ Pay Advantage payments start June 1st.


When you enroll in EZPay Advantage, your monthly payment is calculated based on your last 12 months of usage and the current price for fuel. Regardless of delivery history, we can calculate a monthly payment that fits your annual use.
How we determine budgets monthly payments:

  • Current balance: $ ___________
  • Actual or estimated 12-month usage: ___________
  • Estimated Price per Gallon: ___________

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