EZPay Advantage



The EZ-Pay Advantage program is now available to Kimlin Propane customers Customers at no charge. EZ-Pay gives you the peace of mind by letting you plan exactly what your propane payment will be throughout the year. When enrolled in the budget program, your annual usage, or price per gallon you are charged per delivery does not change; however it makes expenses more manageable by dividing it into 10 easy payments.

Automatic delivery customer? Not yet an automatic delivery customer? All customers are eligible to enroll in EZ-Pay billing. We still encourage customers to switch to automatic delivery for peace of mind of scheduling deliveries.


How it works

When you enroll in the EZPay Advantage program, your monthly payment is calculated based on your actual last 12 months of usage and the current price for propane. Regardless of your delivery history, we can calculate a monthly payment that fits your annual propane usage costs.


How we determine budgets monthly payments:

  • Current balance: $ ___________
  • Actual or estimated 12-month usage: ___________
  • Estimated Price per Gallon: ___________


We encourage you to refer to this list when you enroll in the EZ-Pay Plan program. Once you’re enrolled in the EZ-Pay Plan, we’ll periodically review your usage to ensure your monthly payment is consistent with your usage. If necessary, the monthly payment is recalculated.