Commercial Fuels

Kimlin Energy Services is more than just a fuel supplier. Kimlin Energy is a neighbor you can depend on, providing a wide array of reliable services to ensure your year-round comfort and peace of mind! We’re committed to creating a personalized fuel plan that helps you achieve your economic and environmental goals. Isn’t it time to cozy up to Kimlin?

Variety is our key to customer satisfaction. Choose from this menu of product options to select the fuel that works best for your home or business.

Ignite™ Premium Diesel Fuel
 Ignite™, and Ignite 50™ contain specially formulated detergents that keep the moving parts of your engine clean.
Learn more about Ignite™ and Ignite50™

Lubricants & Specialty Fluids
 Several brands of quality oils and lubricants are available, as well as heat-transfer fluids and anti-freeze.
 Kimlin Energy propane meets or exceeds all industry standards for this clean and versatile fuel.
 Highly effective, quality products to clean up oil and lubricant spills.
 Whether you choose regular or premium grades, our gasoline meets or exceeds all industry standards. And you can always rely on Kimlin’s competitive pricing.


On-Site Fuel Delivery
 Whether on a regular schedule or on demand, we’ll keep you fueled and operating smoothly — without interruption.

Generator Fueling Plans
 When Mid-Hudson valley storms cause havoc, your generator is your best friend. We provide 24-hour fuel support for emergency generators.

On-Site Fueling
 When you need fuel, Kimlin is on the scene — whether at your home, your business or on a job site.
Pre-Buy Fuel Specials
 Customers who plan ahead reap the benefits! Earn discounts when you commit to specific fuel quantities and pre-planned delivery schedules.
Forklift Cylinder 
Reliable, on-schedule delivery of fuels for your industrial equipment.
Tank Loans and Rentals
 Need extra fuel storage? We’ve got you covered! Temporary or permanent tank sets available.
Temporary Heat Programs 
Need a compact or large site heater? We have the right model for you needs – including the fuel, tanks, hoses and regulators. On-call or next-day service available.
Materials Solutions
 We’re all looking to save a few bucks! Kimlin helps you economize by keeping your equipment in top condition, to avoid losing money from wasted energy.