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Kimlin Propane was founded in 1982 by my dad and mom, Douglas and Jean Kimlin, from their home on Duzine Road in New Paltz, NY.  My dad grew up in the gas business from the time he was a teenager in Dutchess County.  Back in the 40’s and 50’s, propane was delivered by swapping out 100# cylinders. He remembers loading cylinders on a cable car that took people to a restaurant on the top of Mt. Beacon (you can see the line of the old route up the side of the hill as you head south out of Beacon on Route 9D).  He worked his way up and in the late 50’s was hired as a manager for a large company called Pyrofax for their branch in Windsor Locks, CT.

Eventually, mom got homesick and dad got offered the job as manager of the Clintondale, NY branch of a company called Star Gas.  So they packed me and my sister up and moved to New Paltz in 1966. He ran that branch for 16 years and made himself so much at home that he even raised chickens there until Brooklyn Union Gas bought out Star Gas in 1981 and, as a token of appreciation for his years of service with the Company, fired him.

Not one to dwell on his misfortunes, he decided he knew so many people in the area that he could start his own propane business and so he did.  He enclosed the porch of our family home for office space, got a pickup truck, and with mom answering the phone, started Kimlin Propane.  He bought a few hundred of what he called “S” tanks that were scheduled for the scrap heap for $7.50 each, painted them silver, and started delivering them to the first few customers who came aboard as a way to help him get on his feet again.

At that time I was twenty-something and working in Newark, NJ at a sewage treatment plant, a plum job to be sure.  I used to come up and visit and dad would take me out and show me what he was up to, hauling these little “S” cylinders by himself  up over hills and dales.  He was 53 years old at the time and I thought he was nuts.  A buddy of his let him use a small shed he had on North Chestnut Street near where the Stewarts is now to store his tanks.  Then he bought a beat-up old bobtail and had it towed down there.  The thing wasn’t roadworthy anymore, but he would start it up and fill his cylinders after he painted them.  Mom was back up at the house in case the phone rang: if they got a new customer she would drive down Henry Dubois Road, all excited to tell Dad.

Well, to make a long story short, he eventually made the company big enough so I didn’t think he was nuts anymore and I came aboard in 1988 at our new plant on Steve’s Lane in Gardiner, NY.  My son Max was born the same year and I have built the business up some more so he wouldn’t think I was nuts.  He works for me now and I’m wondering if he’s nuts. Stay tuned.

  • I absolutely LOVE the service I get from Kimlin Propane! It all started with the man who came to my house to check my heating system. So professional and very friendly. Taking the time to share with me what I had to know about my heating system and propane tank. Every time I make a phone call to Kimlin, I get such fabulous customer service that I can actually hear the smiles through the phone! I’ve met my delivery man a few times and he’s very, very friendly too!

    I know that sometimes when I read such positive feedback like this, I question if it’s someone’s relative? ha ha But I am no relative! I am a customer that is extremely happy and so is my wallet. Give them a call; you’ll wonder why you haven’t used them all these years!

    Esther Pomerantz- Accord, NY

  • My experience with Kimlin Propane was completely positive. Their prices are fair and the staff is cheerful. They answered all my questions and were very clear. They showed up on time to interact with the generator installation team and did a good job. The propane arrived on the day it was promised.

    Alice Fennessey- Gardiner, NY

  • Kimlin propane meets all our energy needs. We bought a new house and continued to use Kimlin at the recommendation of the previous owner. Max Kimlin is professional, curious and punctual business owen. I highly recommend using Kimlin propane.

    Peter DiCapua- Highland, NY

  • I would like to thank you and your staff for the truly excellent service that you have given over the years. It is easy to take good service for granted when everything goes well. We had problems with our water heater and your service technicians did everything possible to rectify the situation. I cannot imagine ever getting better service than i have from Kimlin propane

    Alan Stout- New Paltz, NY

  • I have been a loyal customer with Kimlin propane and must say that your service is outstanding! As a supervisor for a large Emergency Medical Service in the area, customer service is of utmost priority. It is refreshing to see the level of service your company provides is so high, as most of the other companies I have dealt with during (my) construction process…did not show the attention to customer service as your company did. For that I am grateful.


    Mike Carpenter- New Paltz, NY

  • We are a company that specializes in industrial propane service and mainentance, and we are dedicated to providing first class service and quality products to the industrial propane industry. We have over 90 years of combined experience in the propane industry.


  • Just wanted to say how pleased and impressed with the service your company provides. Your service employees are a pleasure do deal with not to mention professional and very neat! Thank you for providing such a neat and personalized service to the community.

    Lee & Karen Rinehart – NEW PALTZ, NY

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